Wild, born as easy – Formaat (Netherlands)

Visitors to the Paulus Church give a visual insight into the reality of undocumented refugees in Rotterdam. With many months of workshops we gathered many of the challenges that they have to face. We will play them and after the performance there is a dialogue with the audience about their roles in our society.

We’d like to introduce you to Wild. At least, that is how we all know him now. When Wild was born somewhere in Africa, they used to call him Easy. In this performance we take you on his journey, from his childhood till nowadays. We are all in a journey and maybe some of us have also become Wild. Along the way we can see the effort that is needed to reach Europe and to find your place in the society of Rotterdam. His luggage got so big and heavy on his way that Wild can no longer carry it all by himself. After the performance we have an interactive dialogue on the situation of Wild. How can we make sure that his luggage remains bearable? Who plays which role in his situation?

Date, time and cost

Wednesday 16th December 2015
Time: 20.15 uur
Tickets: € 10,00


Theater Zuidplein
Zuidplein 60-64
3083 CW Rotterdam


Available via Theater Zuidplein

The performance Wild will be presented at the Theatre of the Oppressed Festival in Rotterdam from 13th to 18th of December. During this festival there are several workshops and interactive performances with groups from India, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Israel and Palestine.
If you join the Festival with a (day) pas, a ticket for the performance is included. Please take a look in our program to get more detailed information!