Putting Down Barriers – Combatants for Peace (Palestine/ Israel)

A Forum Theatre performance on non-violent resistance in Palestine-Israel.In this taboo-breaking evening Palestinians and Israelis act together on one stage to demonstrate their own harrowing experiences.

In Tul Karem and Tel Aviv Combatants for Peace fight with theater as a weapon against occupation and oppression. In LCC ’t Klooster they demonstrate how they work. Personal stories, theatrical scenes and public input are interwoven in this gripping performance.

Combatants for Peace is a group of former Fatah fighters and former Israeli officers who have jointly decided that the occupation and armed conflict is not the solution to the conflict. The group works exclusively with non-violent protest, often in a playful manner. The use theatre to create a stage for unmentionable topics and to bring both parties closer to each other. The show is interesting for anyone who wants to know the personal stories behind the images the media presents to us and wants to know how the Palestinians and Israelis swim against the (political) power. The spoken language is Arabic and Hebrew. The performance is translated into English.


Thursday 17th December 2015
Time: 20.00 uur
Tickets: € 10,00


LCC ‘t Klooster
Afrikaanderplein 7
3072 EA Rotterdam


Reserveren via Formaat

Combatants for Peace is in the Netherlands at the invitation of Formaat for the Theatre of the Oppressed Festival in Rotterdam from 13th to 18th of December. During this festival there are several workshops and interactive performances with groups from India, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Israel and Palestine.
If you join the Festival with a (day) pas, a ticket for the performance is included. Please take a look in our program to get more detailed information!