Workshop Shadow Theatre

Shadow Liberation Masterclass

Faciltated by Evan Hastings

February 10-11, 2018

This 2 day Masterclass will introduce participants to the use of Shadow Theatre with Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. Starting with community building, participants will learn engaging Shadow Theatre games to warm up. Once warm, the focus will deepen into dialogue about Gender through shadow theatre in a playful and honest environment. A range of Shadow Theatre techniques will be explored, including: Overhead Projector Paper Puppetry, Body as Puppet, Moving Light Sources and Basic Optical Illusions in Shadow Theatre. Participants will create short shadow scenes in small groups, and perform for one another. Finally, participants will explore reclaiming public space through interactive Shadow Theatre.


Evan Hastings’ workshop is ideal for practitioners (teachers, social workers, therapists, community organizers) seeking a new approach to communities. No prior theatre experience is required.


Saturday and Sunday, February 10-11, 2018
10am-5pm on all days


€ 195,00 for two days, payable in advance.
Coffee, tea and lunch are included in the fee.


Formaat, Workplace for Participatory Drama
Westzeedijk 513, 3024 EL Rotterdam, Netherlands


The maximum number of participants has been reached. Registration is unfortunately no longer possible.
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Evan Hastings has a passion for turning pain into medicine through theatre. His work illuminates the intersection of Drama Therapy and Theatre of the Oppressed, creating performative engagements that raise urgent issues in aesthetic dialogue. Evan has had the honour of animating theatrical dialogue from the fault lines of war zones to the halls of Harvard, from working with prisoners in high security facilities to engaging families through open air performances in public spaces. Theatre is an act of Love.

Shadow Liberation: Participatory Shadow Theatre for Dialogue

Shadow Liberation uses creatively crafted visual stories to captivate the imagination and invite audiences to interrupt the injustice of gender violence. In the tradition of Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre, audience members are invited on stage to offer improvisational interventions into scenes depicting oppression. This artistic dialogue offers no quick fix solutions but rather places faith in the emerging ethics of the community to creatively address the problem. We invite you to face the shadows through remarkable works of participatory shadow theatre. Are you ready to step into the shadows?

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