Master class with Katy Rubin

Theatre of the Oppressed as instrument for social change in New York City

In the process of developing and touring with a Theatre of the Oppressed troupe in any  community, solidarity is the crucial ingredient: between the Joker and the actors, amongst the actors themselves, and between the actors and the audience. Solidarity -shared goals, responsibilities and authority- is needed to create a Forum that carries transformative power, leading to concrete and ethical actions. We will zoom in on how TONYC works on social change with marginalised communities, and compare it with Formaat’s practice, what can we learn?


Leaflet Master class Katy Rubin
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Katy Rubin, founder and artistic director of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, is a joker, director, actor and circus artist. Katy trained with Augusto Boal in Rio in 2008, and returned to New York to find a lack of “popular theatre” at home. The work began with the creation of TONYC’s flagship popular theatre troupe, Concrete Justice, with homeless actors. Since 2010, TONYC has expanded its programs to include ongoing popular troupes with HIV+ & homeless New Yorkers; undocumented immigrants and refugees; mothers living with AIDS; LGBT homeless youth; prisoners and parolees; NYC public school students and teachers; and many other communities. These troupes tour the city, engaging in dialogue and action with audiences of both peers and strangers, as troupe members train to become facilitators. Katy has trained with Jana Sanskriti in Kolkata, India; collaborated with Combatants for Peace (Israel/Palestine), Cardboard Citizens and Mind the Gap  (England); and directed forum plays and trained new jokers in Leon, Nicaragua as well as in New York City.

For whom

The master class is ideal for cultural fieldworkers and Theatre of the Oppressed practioners. A working knowledge of Theatre of the Oppressed (Image and Forum) is required.


Saturday and Sunday , October 6-7, 2012
10am-5pm on both days


Formaat, Workplace for Participatory Drama
Westzeedijk 513, 3024 EL Rotterdam


€ 280,00 for both days, payable in advance


To book a place on the master class, just fill in the booking form and send it to