TO Festival

From the 13th to the 18th of December 2015 the Theatre of the Oppressed Festival takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At the festival, Formaat wants to learn, teach and share the many tools that have been developed within this inspiring method that was originally created by Augusto Boal from Brazil. For that purpose, Formaat has managed to bring some of the world’s most inspiring TO groups to Rotterdam for performances, workshops and discussions. These include Combatants for Peace from Israel/Palestine, Jana Sanskriti from India and CTO Maputo from Mozambique.

Don’t lose this amazing opportunity and join us!

Theatre of the Oppressed Festival

13th – 18th December 2015, Rotterdam The Netherlands

Program and register

Workshops, performances, Q&A, exchange and reflection over the different practices in the different parts of the world. You can visit the whole program with a festival pass or get a one-day pass

Morning sessions Q&A

During this sessions we will focus on the last relevant initiatives and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Join us in this open dialog hosted by Luc Opdebeeck

Theatre of the Oppressed workshops

Workshops will take place in different locations in Rotterdam from Monday 14 to Thursday 17 December. Daily from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs

Forumtheatre performances

If you not have time to visit the festival for a day or the whole week, you can visit performances of the TO groups in diferent theatres in Rotterdam on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday en Thursday evening.

Workshops with Jessica Litwak

Join for this fun and therapeutic puppet-making workshop or join The Litwak Voice Progression: From Connection to Self to Communication with Others

CTO Maputo

CTO-Maputo operates in more than 21 districts in Mozambique. They are a boost of the dynamics in Mozambican culture and they spread new alternatives ways of communication.

Jana Sanskriti

Jana Sanskriti, Centre for the Theatre of the Oppressed, based in West Bengal, is probably the largest and longest lasting Forum Theatre group in the world. They utilize theatre as a method of social change.


Workplace for Paricipatory Drama: a place where vulnerable residents from the city meet each other, find support, and through theater they make their voices heard.

Combatants for Peace

There is another way! This remarkable group is a non-violent movement against the occupation. Their aim is to support a peaceful solution for the two peoples: Israelis and Palestinians.


Heeft u geen tijd om het Theatre of the Oppressed festival te bezoeken voor een dag of de hele week, koop dan een los ticket voor één van de voorstellingen. Toegang € 10,00 per voorstelling.