Workshops with Jessica Litwak

Puppets for the People

Join Jessica Litwak, theatre artist and drama therapist for this fun and therapeutic puppet-making workshop. Learn how to make a puppet and bring him or her to life. These puppets allow workshop participants to tell their stories and freely express themselves with hands, body and voice. These workshops have been done in Palestine, India, Lebanon, Iraq, Italy and all over the U.S. First, we build the “brain” of the puppet; the heads are filled with sacred items and important words. We find the face in the paper, hold and mold the face with masking tape. Then we cover the masking tape with glue and paint, decorate and dress her/him. Using found objects, puppets can be made anywhere, with any population in a relatively short time.  Finally, the puppeteers perform short and meaningful pieces individually and groups.

When: Monday 14 and Thursday 17 December
Time: 09:30 – 11.00 hrs
Where: Buurthuis De Pupillen, Heemraadstraat 60, 3023 VJ Rotterdam

The Voice Progression

Developed as a warm-up strategy for professional actors, The Litwak Voice Progession has grown to be a tool for warming up the voices of activists, people with disabilities, human rights workers, executives, therapists, and performers of all kinds, as well as a healing technique for individuals and communities who have experienced trauma. It is a progression of warming up the body, voice and soul in preparation for expressive generosity. Its goal is to inspire people toward free, organic expression both physically and emotionally. Each student will leave with a toolbox of warm up techniques, as well as body and voice ready for full participation in any group action. This work can be used effectively with all types and ages of people. Moving back and forth between the theatrical and the therapeutic aspects of the work, we will look at intimate meditative self-care at one end of the spectrum and utter geo-political generosity on the other. Meanwhile we will have a nurturing experience of community building and warm up.
The Litwak Voice Progression: From Connection to Self to Communication with Others

When: Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 December
Time: 09:30 – 11.00 hrs
Where: Buurthuis De Pupillen, Heemraadstraat 60, 3023 VJ Rotterdam

Jessica Litwak

Jessica Litwak Ph.D., RDT is a multifaceted International Theatre Leader focused specifically on theatre for social change and community engagement. She is a recognized leader in the field with over 30 years experience. She is playwright, educator, actor, Registered Drama Therapist, and a trained practitioner of Playback, Psychodrama, and Theatre of the Oppressed.