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From the 13th to the 18th of December 2015 the Theatre of the Oppressed Festival takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At the festival, Formaat wants to learn, teach and share the many tools that have been developed within this inspiring method that was originally created by Augusto Boal from Brazil. For that purpose, Formaat has managed to bring some of the world’s most inspiring TO groups to Rotterdam for performances, workshops and discussions. These include Combatants for Peace from Israel/Palestine, Jana Sanskriti from India and CTO Maputo from Mozambique.

Don’t lose this amazing opportunity and join us!


Please take a look in our program to get more detailed information. We offer full days of workshops, performances, Q&A, exchange and reflection over the different practices in the different parts of the world. You can visit the whole program with a festival pass, get a one-day pass or just see one of the performances.


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